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01-Aug-2017 20:35

Data Check can run a thorough background check, criminal record report, social security number verification report, driving record check, and a nationwide sex offender registry search on any applicant before that person becomes a member of your team.

Background checks and pre-employment screening are so important in today's world, because of the real threat employers are facing under the legal doctrine "negligent hiring." Screening your potential employee through a thorough background check allows your human resources department to make the right decisions to avoid lawsuits and other pitfalls.

Important when the use of company vehicles are involved.

Contacts are made with professional or personal references to gain insight into the applicants personal behavior, personal characteristics, stability, work habits, ability to work and get along with others, and more.

Data Check also offers both lab based drug testing and employer drug test kits.

Available States A search of The Office of Foreign Assets Control ("OFAC"), this list contains the names of foreign nationals with whom the United States government currently has sanctions against.Verification that an individual is licensed to perform specific professional services where a state license is required.This will help ensure that the applicant has the proper credentials to the job.In addition to our on-site court searches for felony and misdemeanor records, this is a great pre-screening tool for employers who understand the importance of "due diligence" and want to do a broader search using the best available criminal repositories.

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Reveals criminal convictions and pending cases within the municipal and superior court levels within a given county.

Covers over 50 different types of healthcare professionals and entities and includes all 50 states.