Rowvalidating e cancel

05-Aug-2017 17:48

Note: If you maintain cell values in a custom data cache using virtual mode, automatic sizing occurs when the user edits a cell value but does not occur when you alter a cached value outside of a Cell Value Pushed event handler.

In this case, size adjustment occurs whenever cell contents change.

You will typically call the programmatic resizing methods at specific times.

It is also useful to provide initial sizes for user-resizable rows, columns, and headers, and for column fill mode.

The sizing mode for a column is actually determined by its Inherited Auto Size Mode property.

To configure the sizing mode for headers and rows and for columns that do not override the control value, set one or more of the following Data Grid View properties: To override the control's column sizing mode for an individual column, set its Auto Size Mode property to a value other than Not Set.

For example, if a column is hidden after it is automatically sized to fit a large cell value, the hidden column will not change its size if the row containing the large cell value is deleted.

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The value of this property is based on the column's Auto Size Mode property value unless that value is Not Set, in which case the control's Auto Size Columns Mode value is inherited.

The new sizes are automatically calculated to display all cell contents without clipping.

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