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She was born into a very privileged lifestyle but her parents paid her little attention and she often felt sidelined or unwanted.

At the age of nine, Brooke formed a close friendship with her classmate Peyton Sawyer after the death of Peyton's mother.

From the age of nine, she spent every birthday with Peyton and every page in her album was full of pictures of the two best friends.

They made a ritual that every year, they went into a mall towards closing time and Peyton would steal something for her best friend, as Brooke loved the adrenaline rush. Brooke was also heavily involved in her school, being captain of the cheerleading squad, Student Council Body President, Homecoming Queen, Founder of DWnot I and a member of both the Spirit Club and Clean Teens throughout her years in high school. At some point during their sophomore or junior year, a drunken Brooke found Nathan Scott, Peyton's boyfriend, at a party and after Nathan told her that Peyton broke up with him, again, they proceeded to sleep together (with Brooke admitting she was very drunk).

The first four seasons of the show focus on the main characters' lives through their high school years.

To avoid dealing with the downfall that Teen Dramas experience when their characters go to college, in its fifth season, the series subsequently jumps four years into the future after they have all graduated.

Originally portrayed as outgoing and promiscuous, she fell for Lucas early in season one and revealed herself to be a much less confident and insecure girl.

She had her heart broken twice by him due to the complicated relationship he held with her best friend, Peyton.

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As the two grew older, they grew closer and began to think of each other as sisters with the motto "hoes over bros" as they believed boys could never interfere with their close friendship.

Much to their surprise, however, Brooke gave birth to twin sons Davis and Jude Baker later in the season. And one morning, your father and I got a little surprise. If I couldn't have my dream, your father couldn't have his, either.

"When I was your age, I dreamed of having a clothing line ,of having a business. I probably took it out on you a little too much along the way, but you know what?

Both brothers have a love of basketball, but when Lucas moves from playing in the park to playing for the varsity team, they must deal with the fact that they have to see each other.

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Aside from having to deal with his issues with Nathan on the court, Lucas must also deal with the fact that Peyton Sawyer, his long-time crush, is dating Nathan (Something not lost on Nathan) & being dropped into a new circle of friends alongside his best friend Haley James.

Her husband expressed the wish that the baby was a boy but instead Victoria delivered, Brooke Penelope Davis who was their only child.