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Recently Michelle Phan and Dominique Capraro moved to Los Angeles where Dom is hopeful for a Film career.

Dominique Capraro is Michelle Phan’s boyfriend who is actually from Visp, Switzerland.

Unfortunately there is no live footage of two performing this number together, only the video.

It's inspiring to know that a giant 350 pound man can walk into a bar and pick up the alpha female just by having some pipes and a red hanky.

This duet helped to kick-start the Stadium Rock era of her career, where she released some genuinely belting hits before her Auto-tuned revamp in the late 90s.A few night's ago I went along to see Meat Loaf performing at The O2.It's meant to be his final tour, and what looked to be a sold-out audience came to wave him off.Insurance wouldn’t cover the band and everybody going back, so I just said, "OK, let’s go." In New Zealand at the last show, I was warming up, and it was like you’re slicing a vegetable and you cut your finger really bad and it’s bleeding everywhere, that’s how blood was coming out of my throat.

Not for the AFL, but I’m going back to tour and kick their ass.

They later met to shoot an ad in Paris where their love story began .