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20-Jun-2017 23:26

Neither of the suspects were named by the Islamic Republic News Agency, the state-run news agency in Tehran.As of 2010, these films still had not been released.

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Accelerating the fall of Iran regime which is exerting more pressure on the Iranian people than the people of the region, needs evicting this occupier regime from Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen.

The valuable and extensive body of Persian literature that is available today is mostly the legacy of the Islamic Golden Age when Persian was one of the greatest languages of the world.

Today, it is the sole official language of the world's 17th largest nation and 23rd largest economy.

The large Japanese territory allows each tourist to visit desired corner of the country, which is closer to the tourist’s mentality.

In this website, we take the version of Persian used in the Iranian capital Tehran as our standard.The case served as a catalyst to prompt the lower house of the Parliament of Iran to pass a bill making the production of sexually explicit media, even for private consumption, an offense punishable by death.