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The threat was taken seriously, and the celebrations were about to be cancelled when police discovered that no such threat existed.The teenager was then arrested for the false report.Wiretapping by several governments have also helped bypass this problem.Callers can also call from payphones in order to hide their identity, although this is becoming less common as pay phones are beginning to phase out starting in the late 2000s.Although law enforcement agencies may theoretically be able to find where a Vo IP call originates from if they tried, in practice the amount of time, effort, and resources required would be too great to use on ordinary prank calls.Sometimes prank callers are able to connect with political leaders.

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Some prank calls are criminalized in many jurisdictions, for instance if the call involves calling the emergency services, while others may be protected as freedom of expression.Most of them feature a so-called "rotation" of prank calls, which is a constant broadcast of various prank calls submitted by the community, usually streamed from a SHOUTcast server host.