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I will admit that I have brushed the negative polarity universe in the Malgus Cluster intentionally on occasion for its flavor though.It reminds me of an old Earth song that once got stuck in a loop on my internal radio.With their home stream's Catalysm having been unexpectedly averted did they all return home? As for their status in the multiverse, they have begun a Diaspora to a variety of other universes, some simply fleeing the Cataclysm, some seeking help.I've noticed that a small band of the Go Bots have traveled to Primax 215.19 Epsilon and blended in with the Predacons, for instance. They tend to be most inquisitive, one of your strengths as a species.But, that feeling, and this might answer your question, it really is quite a rare one. When you come across it feels like cold, soggy gelatin oozing across your plating as your entire being tries to flip polarities. That gelatin also has a flavor and it varies depending on the Cluster.Gargent tastes like rusty nails, Fornax has a copper tinge like old pennies, and Primax almost tastes like the fruit you humans call strawberries."Yes, I like piña coladas..." Q: Dear Vector Prime, As the hub of Transformers multiverse, Axiom Nexus sees an innumerable amount of inter-dimensional travel.

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Though no topic is off limits, please be aware that protoforms may be reading. In my view, one shouldn't judge a potential craftsbot by irrelevant factors.Q: Dear Vector Prime, What is the true identity of Logos Prime? A: Dear Logos Fan, Logos Prime is indeed his true identity. Q: Dear great and wise Vector Prime, The radical change in appearance and functions of the Cybertronians in the Iocus universal streams have caught my attention. A: Dear Iocus Fan, Please, there is no need for flattery. The Iocus Cluster is composed of multiple reality streams. If I had to pick one thing, it is that in my role as guardian of time and space, I am sometimes lonely.There is reason to suspect that he may be one of the Thirteen, but he is not listed in the Covenant of Primus. His absence from The Covenant of Primus should not be taken as evidence otherwise; the Covenant which you refer to is fundamentally a Uniend document, whereas Logos' tale was told in Primax 206.24 Gamma. A: Dear Beast Fan, I have always been partial to the Dinobots. How have the Cybertronians there managed to change themselves from small, launchable robots to large robots that can exchange their body parts at will to non-transforming robots that can dissasemble themselves and reassemble at will to large, bulky boxers? I occasionally, reluctantly, pick up the Rhisling and do battle, which is exciting and terrifying to me.So as the clusters part and pull, and bob and weave, there is actually a non-trivial possibility that a clear path will present itself to an unintentional traveler and they will simply fall all the way to the bottom of the stack, ending up in Axiom Nexus.

This is, in fact, how the first Offworlders arrived. That council member is actually still here in Nexus 208.0 Epsilon...Q: Dear Vector Prime, Which one of the freaky skeletonesque Primes from Revenge of the Fallen is supposed to be you, Vector? While we're on the subject, I find the name a bit... Q: Dear Vector Prime, In the G1 universe, who was Cyclonus created from - Bombshell or Skywarp? Perhaps you should read this to see which topics I have already covered. Q: Dear Vector Prime, Is there any universe you could go to that you would refuse to go to no matter what? Given my status as a unique being in the Multiverse, it is possible that to travel to such a reality would twist the very fabric of my being. If you have something to say, they'll gladly lend you an ear. Q: Dear Vector Prime, How much metal could a chuckbot chuck if a chuckbot could chuck metal? I suppose, if a chuckbot could chuck metal, a chuckbot would chuck all the metal that a chuckbot could chuck, if a chuckbot could chuck metal. Q: Dear Vector Prime, Do you fear the Elder Gods that live in Transwarp? And, though I am many things, a fool is not one of them. A: Dear Beast Wars: Uprising Fan, Though my powers of prognostication are limited, I sense an important conflict over a critical piece of infrastructure in the near future of Primax 215.19 Epsilon. It's quite humbling to know that such a wise and powerful being like you would take the time to participate with us humans and others of the multiverse. I do have another question for you, Vector Prime, and it's a bit of a personal one, I suppose: How do you feel about answering our endless (and sometimes pointless, I'm afraid) questions? As to your question, answering questions from humans is an important part of my responsibilities to the Primal Program.