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13-Aug-2017 06:53

The stamping on it reads: 576 F/T DUNHILL Made in 1 in a circle and T TAN SHELL England 3 and slightly lower and offset 4 The date stamping makes me think that the pipe was made in 1963 and stamped or issued in 1964.

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I have written about that repair on the blog earlier.The stamping on this one reads: 60 DUNHILL Made In 4 in a circle and S SHELL BRIAR England 1 The last Shell is bent bulldog shaped pipe from 1966. I have one in almost the exact shape that is stamped Parker.This pipe has an amazing deep blast that hearkens back to the earlier blasts on the Shells.The stem was in excellent shape, or at least I thought it was when I bought it off of Ebay.

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When I received it the top and sides of the stem were oxidized and there was a light tooth mark on top.

I have shown my John Calich and my Mark Tinsky pipes. As I went through them I have to say I am a bit surprised that I have so many of them.