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28-Jun-2017 23:59

"But unfortunately there are people who want to hurt you.

I carry guns because I want to protect myself and my loved ones and potentially an innocent third party from being victimized."In addition to studying the universal rules of handling a gun — always treat it as if it's loaded, and "never let the muzzle cross anything I am not willing to kill, destroy or buy" — I also learn there are two types of bullets: ball ammo, which are used for shooting at targets, and hollow points, which cops use and which petals out when it enters the body, keeping it in its place and preventing the bullet from exiting the target and entering a bystander.

While the majority of LGBT people seem to be calling for more regulation, Pink Pistols and their allies are hunkering down and taking up arms, banding together under the group's motto, a confrontational warning to potential gay-bashers: "Pick on someone your own caliber."The Pink Pistols formed around 2000, after gay journalist Jonathan Rauch – still outraged by Matthew Shepard's 1998 murder, and knowing gay men who stopped attacks with guns – published an article on .

"[Gays] should set up Pink Pistols task forces, sponsor shooting courses and help homosexuals get licensed to carry," he wrote, noting that they should do it in a way to garner as much publicity as possible.

"And here was an organization – an organization – that actually liked guns and believed in people's right to self-defense. " And as for LGBT people's increased interest post-Orlando, he says, "I'm overwhelmed because I felt like the voice in the wilderness; finally it feels like people are paying attention."I ask them both about Rauch's original comments about guns dispelling anti-gay stereotypes.

Nelson readily agreed."Absolutely, because there is a perception that gay people are [weak]," says Nelson, a mechanical engineer.

In fact, not all that many gay people would need to carry guns, as long as gay-bashers couldn't tell which ones did." Just knowing that a gay person have a gun would deter a potential attacker.

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(Pink Pistols spokeswoman Gwendolyn Patton declined an interview for this story.)Of course the seemingly innate divide between gay rights and gun rights, one reinforced by widespread stereotypes, can complicate interpersonal relationships."There's no telling how many guns are stolen across Central Arkansas every month."In July alone, they had seven guns stolen from cars. Those guns end up on a thriving black market, sold to other criminals, who can't buy or sell through legal means."Someone charged with a felony, who has been convicted of that, they have to buy these guns off the black market. Because they are stolen, and a lot of times they are stolen for pennies on the dollar,” Sgt. He said it is very difficult for police to return stolen guns to you, unless the shooter is caught with the gun.

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