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As for the depends and walker comments, I am sure that at their current ages these women have already used depends and a cane or walker, unbeknownst to all of us--at least a couple of times.

Kim Cattrall has always been beautiful--since she bagan doing her first star turns on all of the big television shows in the late 1970s.

She's been smart to essentially retire after the show because she knew nobody would take her seriously in anything else. Iconic role in an iconic TV show, a few shitty but easy paycheck franchise movies, royalties to last you the rest of your living life if you're not a complete financial dumbfuck.

She's the dream.[bold]OR[/bold] - they could just leave it at SATC 2 which was an unmitigated and humiliating disaster where they all looked old and dried up - much like any resemblance of humour or public goodwill for SATC.

I'm guessing "Carrie becomes a mother" is really the only plot line left.

Cynthia and Kristin could show up for brief cameos, and Kim need not be in it at all.

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Quit paying attention to the haters and just enjoy your charmed life.This is about an unprecedented agreement on the topic of this thread. I have a hard time imagining Michael Patrick King could write this excellent script. getting more gay men playing with Barbies until we topped out, so to speak, with Liza's Big Gay Wedding and that disaster in the desert. From what I heard , cattrall was iced out and made to act out increasingly humiliating scenes by sjp.