Dating for depressives

07-Sep-2017 09:40

Remind yourself of the good friends you have, celebrate when things go well at work, or call to mind past positive experiences you've had in dating.

If it's hard to identify favorable things, enlist the help of a friend.

And rather than seek reassurance, you can simply notice how you feel when you're around your partner.

If they are treating you well, are interested in seeing you, and are treating you consistently well, then let their actions serve as reassurance to you -- without having to ask for it.

Shannon Kolakowski, Psy D is a clinical psychologist, author and relationship expert.

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The only response I’ve ever gotten was the clichéd “You need to be healthy to start a relationship. My issue was largely situational – subconscious freak-outs about graduating college in 1994 and the shattered dreams of failing to become a Hollywood screenwriter in 2001.You look for signs that the person truly likes you, and then even when you receive those signs, you may question them. This type of behavior can be overwhelming and a turn-off to potential partners if you're constantly questioning how they feel about you.