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30-Jul-2017 20:04

Counting was done in scores (a score = 20), so you will often come across something like this: xx iiij ( 20 over 4), which means 4 times 20, or four score, which is 80.

Compare this with the modern French word for 80 - quatre-vingts, ‘four twenties’.

The new Gregorian Calendar cut 10 days from the year in adjustment.

Other Catholic countries followed and adopted the Gregorian Calendar but England, being Protestant, did not.

A raised boardwalk makes this rare and unique wildlife haven accessible and enjoyable all year round.

Cycles can be hired, and there are boat trips along Wicken Lode.

Elizabeth I came to the throne on 17 November 1558, so 1 Elizabeth I means some time between 17 November 1558 and 16 November 1559.Wicken has many pleasant rural walks (Wicken Walks leaflet) and quiet picnic spots including a picturesque duckpond on the village green.We have a traditional pub on the green - The Maids Head.England therefore remained 10 days behind the New Style Calendar.

By 1752 England was some 11 days behind other European countries.Wicken has a rare example of a fully operational smock windmill dating from 1813.

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