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This is the zenith of Onision's career, and now that he has achieved this remarkable feat, he does not care for the e-fame that this article documents, and would like very much for it to go away.If you look up the definition of “Celebrity” and then take a look at how many television networks I’ve been on, how many hundreds of millions of views I’ve gotten etc.Believe it or not, but there was a time when Greg didn't go to You Tube every single day.One of the reasons being that You Tube hadn't been invented, the second was that he was busy being in the air force.For some reason before this time I had not seriously considered what I was to do...but seeing the rabbits in their cages, and having one innocently jump up at me trying to sniff my hand..., also known as Gregory James Daniel a.k.a Gruck la Duck or Gregory James Jackson Gregory James Avarde, is a You Tuber born with ovaries instead of testicles.

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Onision said he crossed another line when he told Billie that he loved her. “I was extremely bothered by the chest and butt aspect.” Billie went on Instagram to apologize for her affair with Onision.

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