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Lo único que tienen en común es una atracción mutua innegable.

Una vez que sus deseos están a la intemperie, se dan cuenta que tienen el perfecto arreglo. Embarrassed, Alex tries to apologize but Lucy won't accept that it was just a drunken mistake."Not only did you call me Alex - something I have been trying to get you to do for months" - if smugness had a smell, Astra was sure it would be coming off of the agent in waves - "but you called me yours."En el 3x07 nos quitaron a Lexa de forma injusta. When Prince Roan is summoned to their quarters late at night, he is given a proposition he is not prepared for. **It's a Clexa story with a slight twist** **Originally a one-shot but decided to add a few more chapters to it.** Please leave feedback!

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It was like stepping into the past and future at the same time. (*TW: mentions/insinuations of past abuse/sexual abuse*) Inspired by "Little Girl Lost" by Starving Lunatic AU: Regina is a workaholic career woman who's never made time for love, believing it waste of time. AU: Ohana means family, and family means nobody gets left behind.They also learn a valuable lesson about family from three little girls.

They both loved partying and wild nights out, but were also both passionate about Africa, big game and conservation.… continue reading »

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Voor degene die dat nog niet weet: Webcamsex is sex via een webcam.… continue reading »

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