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· Pre-Production: setting up key systems, negotiation, planning and logistics, setting up shoots during the production and managing locations.· Creating a Production Schedule: practical exercise · Financial and cost control: an introduction to creating budget outlines and creating a budget programme.This allows students to gain a greater depth of knowledge and more practical experience in their chosen specialism; both courses will be for 12 months but will have separate start dates.Diploma in Production Management for Film Diploma in Production Management for TV Production Management Diplomas - A 12 month full time Diploma course for new entrants.RAVENSBOURNE COLLEGE OF DESIGN AND COMMUNICATION Walden Road Chislehurst Kent BR7 5SN T: 020 8289 4903/020 8289 4900 Contact: Michael O’Sullivan, Commercial Training Manager E: [email protected] [email protected] The Industry Training Organisation for Broadcast, Film and Video, SKILLSET publishes a careers pack which contains useful, down-to-earth advice.It is responsible for developing and promoting the industry’s National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs) and carrying out research.The course is not intended to provide production training as such but to develop the entrepreneurial skills, cultural awareness, organisational understanding, project management abilities and creativity of those already engaged in, or intending to engage in, media production at a range of levels.The course will have a particular emphasis on concept development and on the managerial competencies needed to realise a concept, including financial management and project planning. The curriculum is being designed and will be delivered in close partnership with the media industries in Northern Ireland.

Backed by Skillset we are an accredited training provider for the BBC and a regular supplier to the major indies and broadcasters.The course covers: - Introduction to Role of Production Coordinator within Production Management: what makes a good PC - How to work under-pressure and prioritizing - Maintaining a good working relationship with the Production Manager and the production team - Setting Up Shoots in the UK and abroad, and managing locations - Tape labelling and logging (including ordering and maintaining healthy stock supplies, understanding the technical and cost implications of different types of stock) - Negotiating location and contributor fees - Understanding the technical aspects of the production – from cameras to edit suites - Understanding the production schedule and planning for all stages of the production process - Working with demanding production teams – facilitating the shoot whilst managing the budget - Budgets and managing components of it - An introduction into how the PM will create a budget and how the PC can be included in that process - Petty Cash Floats & Processing Expenses – including systems for tracking cash, reconciliations,understanding and calculating Vat - Post-production and new technology - understanding the processes and what goes on after filming has finished - Delivery and Post-Production Paperwork - Delivery and Compliance This programme will address the need for enhanced management skills in relation to media production and the creative industries.There will be a particular emphasis on the industries in Northern Ireland, but the course content is intended to be applicable across a range of contexts, so students from elsewhere will be welcome.It seeks to give a comprehensive grounding in the issues and problems that production managers face in their day to day job.

By the end of the course trainees will be able to successfully manage the production of a programme or project from initial pre-planning to post production, and be able to demonstrate an awareness of how to budget and co-ordinate the compliances and rights issues surrounding programme making.

· Copyright and clearances, music and archive clearance, delivery and compliance.